Henderson Homemade – Chapter One

I’m terrible at introductions. I usually stumble over my words like an awkward duck who can’t quite quack. I turn red as soon as I feel embarrassed.  I never truly know quite where to start when it comes to starting a conversation, but for this post I guess I’ll just start with a friendly…

Hello 😉

My name is Brittany.


Henderson Homemade

The structure of this blog may be subject to change, but the sole premise is to highlight the simplicity of making one’s self at home no matter where that might be. For me, home is where I take off my shoes at the front door and sink into the couch after a long day at work. It’s where I love deeply those who I share my space with and it’s where I feel my happiest. It’s not always about having the newest television or the fanciest appliances. I believe that our personal environment is a pure representation of self, especially for those working within limited means like myself. My walls are covered in artwork that inspires me, that challenges me and that intrigues me. I sprinkle knick-knacks around my shelves that spark my imagination. But almost everything I own was once owned by someone else. I invest in their histories and their unwanted items. Everything has a story.

What to Expect from this Blog?

I don’t want to misguide anyone into thinking that this will solely be a lifestyle blog. There will be DIY project posts. There will be recipe posts. There will be emotional rants because everyone needs an outlet sometimes.

But everything will still share the same theme, because HOME has so many different meanings.

I can’t wait to meet you, friends 😉


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