Home Tour – My Bathroom

Apartment living isn’t easy. Usually there’s little to no customization allowed. No paint. No new additions. No changing the doors, the cabinets, the fixtures….

The list goes on.


What I’ve learned is how to be creative with space. The bathrooms in my apartments have been small, cramped. The lighting has been terrible and the wall paint and flooring has been less than ideal.


I’ve learned that it’s all about the details. Small touches that bring life to a rather bleak setting.


This floral hand towel? It was hand-painted by my boyfriend’s mother. I love how delicate the design is. The brass sea horse towel holder adds a seaside flair that I thinks ties in well with the teal of the shower curtain.


I might be a little over-zealous with the wall art. Having white walls just allows so much freedom for art work. I’m constantly trying to change things up, switch out pictures. Some are gifts, some have been purchased. Can you spot the sweet little picture of my parents in the corner? Is is weird to put a picture of your parents in the bathroom? :3


Wherever you are, no matter if you’re living in an apartment or in a house you own, I think it is crucial to make your space your own. A house/apartment should feel like it’s being lived in. You should love where you live, no matter what. It’s so easy to add little things periodically that allow you to enjoy your space more, however limited that space may be.


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

Want to get in touch? Don’t be shy! I’d love to hear from you!


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